Asbestos garage roof removal and replacement in Wimbledon

Why did the client need our services?

Our customer contacted us because the cement shed roof at their Wimbledon property was broken, and they were concerned about the presence of asbestos.

We completed a full assessment and advised that the asbestos sheeting needed to be safely removed. They chose to replace it with TATA 30 steel roofing panels in standard Juniper Green colour to blend with outdoor areas seamlessly

What work was carried out?

First, the roof was removed. To ensure protection against asbestos contamination, 1000-gauge polythene sheets were laid down in the designated area. Our skilled asbestos contractors are equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and respiratory protective equipment (RPE) to adhere to health and safety regulations.

The roof underwent saturation and dampening to prevent the release of fibres into the surrounding area. Bolts and fixings were carefully cut with minimal force to minimise contact with asbestos. The removal process involved extracting the cement corrugated roof sheets in whole pieces. Larger sections were lowered to the floor without using rubble chutes or similar methods. Asbestos sheets were meticulously wrapped in 1000-gauge polythene and tightly enclosed with duct tape to prevent the release of fibres. A thorough visual inspection of the removal area was conducted to ensure the correct disposal of all asbestos materials and to confirm that no debris was left behind. Following the completion of the removal, paperwork was provided to the customer, confirming the cleanliness of the work area.

The roof was then replaced. The structural integrity of the garage, including the timbers, was visually assessed to check for woodworm and rot. Two joists and the timber wall plate needed replacement. Sheets were measured and cut to size, with adhesive applied along the joints before being methodically lifted into position. Each sheet was securely fixed to the timbers, ensuring the correct ratio of fittings was installed. 90-degree trims and abutments were cut and fitted around the perimeter to ensure a watertight casing.

Internal areas of the new roof were carefully assessed for gaps to ensure water tightness and prevent pest entry. Additionally, a new UPVC half-round black gutter and downpipe were installed. All work was completed in one working day.

Were there any challenges?

The roof was broken in some areas before our arrival. This meant extra caution was needed to ensure no asbestos fibres were released during the removal process. Our team have encountered this many times before and recognises how to maintain a safe working environment.

What did the clients think of the results?

The customer was delighted with our work. They said:

Steve and Oscar did a great job. The broken roof was replaced in a day which I was amazed with. All Garage Roofs stuck to their original pricing and were efficient throughout the entire process. Can’t fault them.

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