Asbestos garage roof replacements in Sutton, Surrey

Experts in asbestos garage and asbestos shed removal in Sutton, Wallington, Cheam, or local areas

Are you concerned about an asbestos garage roof? We are asbestos experts who specialise in the removal and replacement of asbestos garage roofs. We work across the residential and commercial sectors and provide a fast, affordable, and trusted service.

  • Completed in one working day
  • Over three decades of experience in asbestos removal
  • Many choices for asbestos replacement roofing

Our team are highly skilled and proficient in dismantling and safely removing asbestos roofs. We can replace all roofing with safe, durable, and weathertight alternatives. We replace asbestos roofing with corrugated cement roofing, felt roofing, steel roofing, or insulated steel roofing.

We operate adhering to the highest health and safety standards and always stay abreast of the latest developments in the asbestos industry. We are fully insured, and all asbestos waste is disposed of at government-approved facilities.

We pride ourselves on a job well done. One recent customer commented:

I cannot fault All Garage Roofs. They responded quickly to my call and removed my shed roof with no fuss. I felt confident with their knowledge, and they replaced it in less than a day. It looks fantastic, and I feel much happier knowing we are safe from the potential risks of asbestos.

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Replace your damaged garage roof today

Wallington and Cheam garage roof removal

All Garage Roofs aims to offer a fast and safe asbestos garage roof removals service designed to make the process easy and hassle-free.

We all know the scare stories associated with asbestos, but it is important to be aware of the risks. If you are concerned about asbestos on your property, it is important to call the experts, such as All Garage Roofs.

Our team of asbestos experts near you will be able to survey your roof and establish whether asbestos is present. If the roofing is in poor condition, we can remove it and replace it with a cost-effective alternative. We can provide full consultations and answer any queries.

Asbestos garage roof replacements Sutton, SM1

Our team can inspect your garage roof and take a sample to establish the presence of any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). Our team can remove and replace your garage or shed roof in as little as one working day.

We offer a range of roof replacement options for all types of garages, sheds, and outbuildings:

Replacement corrugated garage roof Sutton

Corrugated cement roofing

Corrugated cement is a highly economical roofing option that offers durability and will never warp, crack, or shrink. It guarantees long-lasting performance for decades and will ensure your shed or garage remains insulated all year round.

Removal of felt garage roof in Sutton

Felt roofing

Our cutting-edge three-layer torch-on felt roofing material is straightforward and swift to fit. It boasts remarkable strength and durability and can be easily fitted to a range of different outbuildings and properties.

New steel garage roof Sutton

Steel roofing

Our expert roofers can reroof your garage with TATA 30 steel roofing panels. The standard Juniper Green colour will seamlessly blend with outdoor areas. There are also other colour and thickness options.

Expert asbestos removal contractors near you in Hackbridge

Alongside all asbestos roofing removals and replacements, our asbestos specialists offer a host of asbestos surveying options for residential and commercial customers.

Our team can provide all asbestos surveys, including Asbestos Management Surveys, Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys, Asbestos Re-inspection Surveys and asbestos sampling and testing.

After any asbestos waste removals, we can issue you a waste consignment note, verifying that the asbestos has been handled correctly and responsibly.

Professional asbestos garage roof removal and replacement in Sutton and the following local areas

  • Hackbridge
  • Merton
  • Mitcham
  • Morden
  • Wallington

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Our asbestos team also provides asbestos garage roof removal Kingston.

Sutton is located in South London and is known for its vibrant high street, green spaces and diverse property types.

Many residential properties in the local areas were built throughout the 20th century when asbestos was still widely used in roofing, insulation, textured coatings, and flooring construction. If you are concerned about the risks of asbestos, please call our team.