Corrugated cement roofing

Even though asbestos has not been used in construction projects for over 20 years, garages and outbuildings constructed before 1999 may still contain asbestos.

As long as the roofing is intact and in good condition, it should not pose a health risk. However, if they are in poor condition or building work is planned, it is important that they are removed.

Our UKATA-trained asbestos specialists can remove your asbestos roof and replace it with a long-lasting and weatherproof alternative.

On smaller structures, such as single garages, this work can be completed in just one day. Safety is always our number one priority.

All our materials are guaranteed for your peace of mind, and you can rest assured that your roof is in good hands.

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The benefits of corrugated cement roofing

We offer a range of roofing materials to re-roof your garage or shed according to your needs or budget. Corrugated cement roofing is popular with home and business owners for a range of applications. We use Profile 6 corrugated cement roofing, a high-strength fibre cement corrugated roof sheet with polypropylene reinforced strips.

The benefits of corrugated cement roofing include the following:


Our corrugated cement roofing is highly affordable and far more cost-effective than alternatives, such as steel sheeting.

It is very durable and will not suffer from warping, cracking or shrinkage, so it is less likely to need replacing.

This sheeting comes in a neutral grey colour, offering a natural aesthetic.


Corrugated cement roofing has a long life expectancy of around 25 years. However, it is widely recognised that these roofs last well beyond 50 years with proper maintenance.

Often the sheets outlast the fixtures used to keep them in place.

Their robust profile means they are not at risk of warping, shrinking, or cracking.

Low maintenance

Corrugated cement roofing is durable and resistant to rust, rot, and mould.

It requires virtually no maintenance to keep it looking good.

Part of the natural curing of the fibre cement product is that it will soak up moisture for up to six months after it is installed, and damp patches may move about, but this is to be expected.

Thermal insulation

Corrugated cement roofing offers excellent thermal insulation, so it is ideal for barns and garages.

This type of roofing will keep structures at a constant temperature all year round, whether very cold in the winter or scorching hot in the summer.


Corrugated cement roofing is highly weatherproof and can withstand extreme heat, cold, and storms.

The cement sheeting is resistant to UV rays and will not become discoloured or fade over time.

Easy installation & sustainable

Our team can install corrugated roofing quickly. The sheets are lightweight, so they are easy to handle and transport.

Profile 6 is ideal for larger roofs and garages. They also offer a sustainable option because they do not use much energy when manufactured.

This makes it suitable if you are looking for a more sustainable roofing option.

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