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At All Garage Roofs, we offer removal and replacement of garage or shed roofs, completing the process in as little as one working day. You may wish to replace an old and worn garage roof, install a new roof, or replace an asbestos garage roof.

Our team has a depth of understanding of all garage roofing materials. Our skilled experts are also adept at identifying signs indicating the presence of asbestos in your roofing. Additionally, we offer asbestos sampling and testing services for laboratory analysis.

The key features of our services include:

  • Secure and swift disposal of old garage roofing, including asbestos roofs
  • Wide-ranging options for roofing replacements
  • Friendly and helpful roofing experts

Given the prevalence of asbestos in the building industry until its ban in 1999, we often encounter it in aged garage roofing materials. We offer a complimentary quote for removing and replacing asbestos and standard garage roofs.

We use a range of tried and tested garage roofing materials, including felt roofing, corrugated cement roofing, and insulated steel roofing.

We take pride in the fact that a substantial portion of our business stems from word-of-mouth recommendations, showing our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. One recent customer said:

Brilliant service and excellent work. Would definitely recommend this company. Thanks again.

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Garage roof removal and replacement  Chipstead

All Garage Roofs takes care of the entire garage roof replacement process from beginning to end. Our well-trained operatives strive to ensure efficiency throughout, and comprehensive guarantees accompany our new roofing materials. This work can be completed in one working day, including the safe removal and disposal of old garage roofs.

Our contemporary roofing systems offer a solution for replacing old garage roofing. Regardless of the size or shape, we can efficiently replace any old garage or shed roof with our modern and reliable roofing materials.

Despite the ban on asbestos use in 1999, numerous residential and commercial properties in your vicinity still contain this hazardous material. Damaged asbestos materials can release minuscule fibres into the air, posing a risk of inhalation and subsequent respiratory diseases, including asbestos and lung cancer.

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Garage roofing options Reigate, RH1

We can provide all types of first-class and weatherproof garage roofing. If you are concerned that your garage roof contains asbestos, we can confirm the presence of ACMs for sampling and testing. All old roofing will be carefully wrapped and disposed of.

Replacement corrugated garage roof Reigate

Corrugated cement roofing

Our garage roofing company uses Profile 6 corrugated cement roofing, a robust and cost-effective solution. This high-strength fibre cement corrugated roof sheeting incorporates polypropylene-reinforced strips, making it an exceptionally durable and long-lasting material for roof replacements.

Removal of felt garage roof in Reigate

Felt roofing

At All Garage Roofs, we use the IKO TGX torch-on felt roofing system, consisting of a polyester carrier coated with polymer-modified bitumen. This system provides exceptional weather resistance, creating a tight seal against wind, rain, UV, and snow. The torch-on installation method is straightforward and efficient.

New steel garage roof Reigate

Steel roofing

We provide steel roofing options in various colours and thicknesses. The insulated nature of this roofing material ensures durability, with an expected lifespan of several decades requiring minimal maintenance.

Garage roof installation contractors in Reigate

One of the most commonly found asbestos products is asbestos garage roofs and occasionally walls. Asbestos garage roofs are highly prevalent, particularly in structures like garages and sheds constructed before 1999.

Indicators of asbestos garage roofs include corrugated cement sheets with visible fibres. These roofing sheets can be brittle and emit asbestos dust. While not all corrugated cement roofing sheets contain asbestos, a significant majority do.

Our team of asbestos contractors is equipped to analyze images of your roof and offer guidance. Additionally, we provide a sampling and testing service, wherein a small sample of suspected Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACMs) is gathered by our asbestos surveyors. These samples are then sent to a UKAS-accredited laboratory for analysis to determine the type and extent of asbestos present.

Professional asbestos garage roof removal and replacement in Reigate and the following local areas

  • Betchworth
  • Buckland
  • Gatton
  • Leigh

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