Asbestos cement garage roof removal and replacement in Staines

Why did the client need our services?

All Garage Roofs is a team of roof replacement experts who can remove all asbestos roofing and complete all types of garage and shed roof replacements.

Our customer needed their asbestos double garage roof removed and replaced to match the neighbouring garage block. They wanted a new and modern garage roof replacement.

What work was carried out?

The project began with the preparation of the area with 1000-gauge polythene sheets, ensuring a clean environment throughout. At All Garage Roofs, health and safety regulations are strictly adhered to, and all team members were equipped with type 5/6 coveralls and P3 asbestos masks. As part of the process, asbestos cement was dampened using wet rags to saturate the fibres. Careful attention was given to cutting the bolts, avoiding excessive force to prevent damage to the asbestos sheeting.

The roof sheets were removed meticulously, ensuring they were brought down intact to the floor without any damage. Subsequently, the sheets were wrapped in 1000-gauge polythene and tightly enclosed with duct tape to prevent debris from being dropped on the access route. A thorough visual inspection of the removal area was conducted to verify the proper disposal of all asbestos materials.

Following the completion of the removal, paperwork was provided to confirm the site’s cleanliness, marking the successful execution of the asbestos removal project.

The first step of the roof replacement involved inspecting the structural integrity of the internal supports. Following this, steel sheets were measured and cut with meticulous attention to detail. The strong sheets were then systematically lifted into position, ensuring each sheet was positioned flush.

To secure the sheets, each one was fixed solidly to the metal supports, maintaining the correct ratio of fittings for stability. Additionally, 90-degree trims were cut and fitted around the perimeter to enhance the overall structure. Internal areas were thoroughly assessed for gaps to ensure water tightness and prevent pest entry. Expanding foam was utilised in these areas and later trimmed to achieve a seamless finish. Subsequently, a water test was conducted to verify the absence of any leaks, ensuring the effectiveness of the installed sheets in maintaining a watertight environment.

Were there any challenges?

The garage was located between two neighbouring garages. This made the removal process trickier, as we had to be cautious not to disrupt the adjoining garage roof. Our professional team made sure all precautions were taken so the neighbouring garages were not impacted in any way.

What did the clients think of the results?

The customer was really happy with the roof removal and replacement. They said:

All Garage Roofs were very helpful with any questions I had. The new roof looks fantastic, very pleased with their efficiency and the friendliness of the team.

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