Steel roofing

Many garages or shed roofs were made from asbestos cement, featuring around 10 to 15 per cent of the total product.

Garage roofs typically feature white asbestos or Chrysotile and commonly found mineral fibre that was added to construction products because it was strong, fire-resistant, and affordable.

Issues can occur with asbestos roofing when the asbestos cement deteriorates due to wear and tear and age. It can become more brittle, and there is a greater risk of asbestos fibres being released into the air. This puts anyone nearby at risk of asbestos exposure.

Once breathed in, asbestos can cause a host of health issues. Asbestos inhalation has no symptoms, and asbestos cannot be seen or smelt.

Our asbestos experts will be able to survey your asbestos roof and advise you regarding the best steps. If we remove your asbestos garage roof, we can install a new roof made from several materials, including high-performance felt.

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The benefits of steel roofing

We offer a range of roofing materials to re-roof your garage or shed according to your needs or budget. Steel roofing is popular with home and business owners for a number of reasons.

The benefits of steel roofing include the following:


Steel roofing is long-lasting and offers decades of use with very few maintenance requirements to keep them in excellent condition.

Typically steel roofs can last for around 40 to 70 years when properly installed and looked after. In addition, they are resistant to rot, rust, and corrosion.


Our steel roofing comes in a Juniper Green colour as standard, which offers a natural aesthetic, but it can also be used for many other applications.

Specified lengths, colours, and thicknesses are available for different projects if required.


Typically metal roofing materials are an area of a property that can facilitate large amounts of heat gain and loss. However, metal reflects solar heat, so that it can be a more energy-efficient roofing material during the summer months.

However, we can easily add a composite insulated steel sheet offering sound and thermal insulation, plus anti-condensation properties. We use TATA 30 panels in Goosewing grey that are lightweight and ideal for garages.


Steel is a very safe choice for roofing because it is fire-resistant and reduces the risk of fire.

It is also an excellent choice for an environmentally friendly roof because it is long-lasting and durable, with fewer replacement parts or repairs.

The extended lifespan of steel roofing will offset the higher cost over time.

Speed of installation

Our steel roofing is quick and easy to install because it is lightweight and easy to handle. These sheets are available in 2m to 6m lengths in 1cm increments.

Once they have been installed, all they will need is an annual inspection to check for a build-up of leaves and debris. Any marks can be easily cleaned.


We use Box profile steel cladding, which offers an alternative to traditional corrugated metal sheeting.

These are constructed with a galvanised substrate with a plastic coating applied.

They are extremely durable and weatherproof so that they can withstand high winds, rain, snow, and fire.

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